Manaslu Circuit and Base Camp trek

Jaw-dropping dawn view of magnificent Mt. Manaslu.

Manaslu, the eighth highest peak of the world is situated in one of the most remote places in Nepal. The Manaslu base camp trekking presents hikers a life-long experience of thrill and adventure. Trekkers trail through the ancient salt trading route, following the river bank of Budi gandaki, lead by numerous iconic suspension bridges. Despite of its low popularity, trekkers who embark this trip pompously praise it as one the the most beautiful places on earth. Magnificent waterfalls, dramatic landscapes, iconic landmarks, Buddhist monasteries and scenic beauty of 10 different peaks above the height of 6500 meter offered by this circuit, leaves other popular treks in Nepal far behind. You can expect to walk at an average of 7-8 hours in the Himalayan foothills of bordering Tibet. Most common to other prominent treks in Nepal, the Manaslu circuit trek is very demanding and chances of encountering altitude sickness is relatively high. Also, you can not travel alone in this region, you legally need at least two persons to pursue this trek in Nepal.

Trekkers residing inside the tent camp amidst of continuing snowfall in the base camp region.

The surrounding Manaslu Conservation Area is a sanctuary for various birds, animals and species including endangered snow leopard and red panda. March to May during spring and September to November in autumn are the best season to begin your trek. Due to close proximity to the capital city you can catch a bus to Soti Khola from Kathmandu. The trek continues from Soti Khola to Dharapani from where you can catch the bus back to Kathmandu. The Manaslu Trek gathered substantial attention after they adopted the model of tea house trek in 2010, similar to other trekking in Nepal. Most of the tea house trek offer food, and accommodation along with WiFi, charging and hot water facility for an added cost.

A comprehensive map of Manaslu Circuit and Base Camp trek along with the surrounding region.

Similar to other trekking destination in Nepal you need a valid government issued trekking permit for this mesmerizing trek. We highly recommend you to contact your tour operator before setting up for the journey. This multi-day trek will test your endurance in a ruthless manner so please hire a porter if you are planning to carry a lot of weight up the mountains. Porters can be hired as low as $15 a day. It is wise thought to carry our choice of sanitizer and water treatment drops as you might end up drinking off the tap directly most of the time. Also, make sure your trek is insured through a valid insurance provider. Do not hesitate to ask your tour provider if they offer an insurance in the package for an added convinience.

Average Walk: 8 hours a day

Best Season: March – May & September – November

Difficulty: Challenging

Elevation: 730 – 5213 meters

Duration: 12 – 20 days

Cost: $900 – $1500